Center Stage

All entrees served with your choice of 2 sides, regular or signature, Texas toast and choice of soup or salad.

BBQ Tri Tip Steak
$ 18.50

We provide only Certified Angus Beef  tri tip. We smoke it all day until il melts-in-your-mouth. Served as a steak or sliced hot off our grill

Carolina Pulled Pork
$ 16.95

Our pork is seasoned with our special rub and smoked for fourteen hours. Then it’s pulled, sauced and served hot to your table

BBQ Beef Ribs
$ 24.95

These ribs are cut from the Ribeye. We smoke it all day so it pulls off the bone then we grill and glaze it with barbecue sauce.

Hollywood BBQ Combo Platter
$ 25.75

Choose Any Two Meats: Tri-tip, half Chicken, Baby Back Ribs, 2 Beef Ribs, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken or Spicy Hot Links

Fried Chicken Meal
$ 16.95

A breast, thigh and leg served with two sides

Smoked BBQ Half Chicken
$ 16.45

Our chicken is seasoned with our famous rub, and then smoked for four hours until it’s tender and juicy. We glaze it on the grill with BBQ sauce until it’s done to perfection.

Kansas City Baby Back Ribs
Half Rack $17.95 / Full Rack $24.95

The “filet mignon” of barbeque! Our ribs are dusted with our homemade rib rub and slowly smoked in our pit for five hours. We then glaze the rack on the grill with our BBQ sauce.